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It is business summary of Kurume City Plaza [ID: 4392]
 What kind of business is carried out in Kurume City Plaza?
 Make use of each characteristic of three halls (The Grand Hall, Kurumeza Theatre, Creative Box) in Kurume City Plaza, and stage good-quality theatrical art such as drama, dancing or rakugo including music and musical, and hexagon temple open space...
Where is information of Kurume City Plaza available [ID: 4391]?
 What kind of place is information of Kurume City Plaza available in?
 Other than website of Kurume City Plaza, we tell with public relations magazine, official Facebook, flyer of individual business. We distribute about printed matter in public facilities in the city. In Facebook, web page...
We want to know the expenditure situation of assembly expense account [ID: 4388]
 How does the expenditure situation of assembly expense account turn out?
 The chairperson, vice-president represents assembly to plan smooth administration of assembly, and assembly expense account is expense required for carrying out an external activity. About the expenditure situation, to raise transparency of assembly administration, Kurume-shi assembly homepage...
About envelope for sending of grant application of [ID: 4389] my number card (personal number card)
 How is envelope (self-addressed envelope) for sending of grant application of my number card (personal number card) available?
  We are enclosed by notice card, and grant application of my number card is sent to each household. Thing that we push ourselves forward, and expiration date expires is available without putting the same stamp.  When do not have envelope, "ma...
[ID: 4385] about the need of National Health Insurance system reform
 Why do you need National Health Insurance system reform?
 ○Purpose of reform  Because national health insurance program is important system to support the universal care, but medical expenses standard is high with member being older than association kemponadono employed insurance, and ratio of low-income person is high, it is posture...
[ID: 4384] about the situation of National Health Insurance system reform (National Health Insurance wide area)
 How does the situation of National Health Insurance system reform turn out?
 ○Summary of National Health Insurance reform  By "law to revise a part of the National Health Insurance methods to build medical insurance system that we can maintain passed on May 27, 2015," the metropolis and districts are with the responsibility main constituent of financial administration from 2018,...
[ID: 4375] about the amount of a tax calculation of pension income earner
 Couple lives only for pension at 75 years old (couple together 63 years old) together, does it cost a little and others tax?
 As for the public pensions such as national pension or welfare annuity, mutual pension, sum that deducted "deduction from the pension" from income amount of money becomes income ("miscellaneous incomes"). Calculation method of pension income is different from person younger than 65 years in people 65 years or older....
[ID: 4374] about taxation on part-time job income
 We make living by part-time job in one house. Does payment of a little and others tax occur?
 Income by part-time job corresponds to "earned income". When incomes of salary of one year exceed 965,000 yen, per capita rate 5,500 yen is taxed among personal city, prefectural taxes. When exceed 1 million yen, per capita rate (5,500 yen)...
[ID: 4373] about report time of tax
 When can you do report of tax where?
 It is from 9:00 to 16:00 at (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), report consultation time from February 16 to March 15 during report period of personal city, prefectural tax. Report venue is the second floor of the city hall walnut hall, each general branch office. In addition, it is declared...
About required document in case of [ID: 4372] personal city, prefectural tax report
 What kind of documents are necessary for report of personal city, prefectural tax?
 For report of personal city, prefectural tax, please bring the following documents. ①City prefectural tax report (one where sending was located within from city hall) ② seal ③Copying and driving of resident's card which personal number card or notice card or personal number was listed in...