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We want you to remove illegally parked bicycle immediately [ID: 4105]
 Bicycle is left in station square of Nishitetsu-Kurume Station and JR Kurume Station. If bicycle parks its bicycle, we want you to remove immediately. In addition, how does it support illegally parked bicycle to park on holiday? We ask illegally parked bicycle...
 We appoint the outskirts of Nishitetsu-Kurume Station and JR Kurume Station in bicycle leaving prohibition area (we say area as follows.). Even if, about bicycle left in area, attach warning bill, and put after progress for around two hours; warning bill...
We want to know the maintenance situation of national highway and prefectural road [ID: 4104]
 About national highway and prefectural road, we want you to teach the current maintenance situation.
 When there are any questions as the business main constituent varies according to road, please refer to our section (directly) 0942-30-9093. In addition, when, by existing way improvement, will know the business main constituent; national road (3...
I would like weeding of national highway, prefectural road and the pruning of roadside tree, repair of pavement [ID: 4103]
 When weeding and the roadside tree pruning in national highway and prefectural road, repair of pavement would like to ask, where should we contact?
 Maintenance of road changes charge by management division. About national highway (3, 210, 209), it is national highway except the above and prefecture to Fukuoka national highway office Kurume maintenance branch office (main) 0942-21-2734...
[ID: 4072] of farmland about borrowing and loaning
 It becomes old and cannot cultivate by oneself and intends to have you cultivate toward the neighborhood. What kind of procedure is necessary?
 For the management base reinforcement promotion method that it is decided by notification of Kurume-shi without depending on method to receive permission of Agricultural Land Law Article 3 in the same way as buying and selling of farmland about procedure of borrowing and loaning of farmland, and to set the right of lease and loan of use right and permission of Agricultural Land Law...
[ID: 4071] about window of consultation and procedure of farmland
 We want to talk about farmland owning, where should we ask?
 It is different from the location of farmland by purpose about consultation about farmland you have and procedure in Kurume-shi. [when we want to use farmland by use except farmland] Regardless of the location of farmland, it is inquiry bottom in the following window...
[ID: 4041] about gender equality promotion center counselor's office
 What kind of consultation do you accept in gender equality promotion center?
 We support that you who feel straight kizurasao by "being woman" live like you… It is counselor's office of gender equality promotion center. Do you scarcely call without being troubled alone? Woman counselor and valve for women...
Is there any event [ID: 3993] in weekday hexagon temple open space?
 Toy was prepared for, and children played when we went to hexagon temple open space of Kurume City Plaza weekdays. They seem to be used by various events on the weekend, how are weekdays spent? Freely...
 In hexagon temple open space of Kurume City Plaza, high Mart Kurume that is management administration company of open space plans in various ways on day (weekdays) without reservation of use such as events. Daytime time is corrugated cardboard hesitation...
It is consultation counter of general business [ID: 4063]
 When we want to use general business, where should we talk with?
 Person targeted for general business is judged with person of business object by person having support authorization required or basic check list. It is aspect in Local Elderly Care Management Center in charge of elementary school of old China precinct where support authorization required, person targeted for business live...
It is kind of service of general business [ID: 4062]
 What kind of service does general business of Kurume-shi include?
 In general business of Kurume-shi, it is three kinds of visit type services as of April, 2017. There are two kinds of tsushokata services. Body help that one needing physical care routinely uses visit type service and performs physical care and life support...
[ID: 3997] about financing at the time of company
 Is there subsidy program which we can use when we make company?
 In city, we prepare new opening of business fund (financing facility) and immigrant founding promotion support operating cost subsidy for emigration founders in Kurume-shi. ○New opening of business fund  Borrowed money is possible at the low rate of interest. With payment interest (except delay) of one year...