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We visit baby [ID: 4566]
 How is postnatal baby visit carried out?
 Obstetrical teacher, nursery staff visits family having baby until four months after birth health nurse, the body measurement of baby give advice. After as call on visit, being born; "is birth communication vote as soon as possible...
[ID: 4579] about correspondence toward dementia
 Mother of dementia living together-in-law says, "there is not bankbook" and doubts me in the first. We always have trouble with correspondence, what should I do?
 You have a hard time by correspondence of mother-in-law. State of mother possibly called "thing is taken delusion" of dementia may be symptom. It is often said that person who takes care on side stole...
[ID: 4578] about at-home support of family of dementia
 Forgetfulness of parents is intense recently. As I live in Kanto, we can seldom see state. We worry, where should we talk about future at-home life with?
 There is general consultation counter of elderly person called "Local Elderly Care Management Center" in Kurume-shi. This can talk about thing about dementia other than care, health, prevention of abuse, right protection. In center, imitate health nurse, chief care; the...
About pension at the time of [ID: 4409] overseas transference
  We submit notice of the change of address for approximately two years from 2006 and went abroad, but are not reflected for payment years of pension. It is difficult to go for procedure because we work. How should we do?
  About national pension participation at the time of overseas residence that we ask, and there was, national pension is lost if we do not have you file for any participation at the time of overseas transference.  However, if can submit loss notice, the nation...
It is payment method of national pension premium [ID: 4406]
  Can you pay national pension premium in credit card?
  We can pay by credit card (we need application beforehand). Credit payment has submit application beforehand, and credit card company gets rid of payment for another with future premium regularly afterward, credit...
Is wholesale market available to citizens [ID: 4576], too?
 Is wholesale market available to citizens, too?
  Wholesale market is facility where retail store and restaurant stock product. Therefore we do not perform retail toward the public.  In addition, dining room is available to general one, too. On the use, car is stopped in parking lot of white frame...
Medical institution which we can talk about dementia with [ID: 4574]
 Family is like dementia, what hospital should we go to?
 At first please consult with family medicine. Therefore you carry out inspection and diagnosis of dementia and may introduce to teacher of specialist as needed. It is supported Kurume-shi dementia when there is not family medicine...
[ID: 4506] about after giving birth care business
 Please tell about care business in after giving birth
 We stay at obstetrics medical institution and assistant delivery room targeting at mothers with baby within four months in Kurume-shi in after giving birth with address and can receive nursing instruction, child care instruction such as mental and physical recovery or breast care by doing tsusho in a day...
We want to know calculation method of arrearages [ID: 4470]
 They think that arrearages are added when we delay city tax, how do arrearages calculate?
 << calculation method of arrearages >> [period until December 31, 2013] ①Period ... exception standard ratio (standard discount +4 of trade bill to fix for Bank of Japan Law on November 30 of the last year before passing in one month from the next day of deadline of the delivery...
Please tell about usage of Takamurei civic center open space [ID: 4501].
 Please tell about usage of Takamurei civic center open space.
  This open space promotes local interchange by providing oasis to citizen's all of you and is intended that we have and contribute to increase of the public welfare.  Of uniformity to prescribe in open space regulations Article 5 in the use...