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We look for in field of municipal administration
  Living information
     Resident's card
Resident's card, resident registry card (33) Transference, transference (17) My number card (13)
     Family register
Birth, the death (five) The marriage, divorce (four) Certified copy, abridgment (16)
Identification card (five) Adopted child (two) In addition, (six)
     Seal registration
Registration (six) Certificate (seven) In addition, (three)
City, prefectural tax (28) Light vehicle tax (six) Property tax (15)
The tax payment, certificate (22)    
     Garbage disposal/recycling
Classification, how to put out (39) Garbage, human waste (55) Oversized garbage (15)
Recycling (14) Destruction by fire ash, pruning branch (0)  
Environment (40) Environmental protection (five) Asbestos (two)
     Fire prevention, crime prevention, disaster prevention
Fire prevention, firefighting (three) Crime prevention (11) Disaster prevention, evacuation site (four)
     Civic consultation
Civic consultation (13) Specialized consultation (17) Consumer life (12)
     Public facilities
The city hall, general branch office, civic center (14) Sports recreation facility (ten) Culture, social education facility (12)
Park (20) In addition, (19)  
  Health, medical care, insurance, the welfare
     Health, medical care, hygiene
Health promotion (eight) Medical examination, examination (13) Infectious disease, vaccination (16)
Maternal and child health (18) Pediatric care (three) Intractable disease (five)
Mental health (nine) Food hygiene (six) Life hygiene (ten)
Medical affairs, pharmaceutical affair (seven) Animal protection (16)  
     National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens
Participation, the loss (three) Health insurance card (three) Premium, payment (22)
Payment (five) Overall system (three)  
     Care insurance
Authorization (six) Premium, payment (15) Service (12)
Overall other systems (two)    
Participation (six) Premium, payment (six) Payment (one)
     The welfare
Child (infants, child) (21) Including single-parent home (11) Person with a disability (30)
Elderly person (13) Welfare (ten) Support, the furtherance, medical treatment (five)
Local welfare officer (seven) Overall other welfare (16) Temporary welfare benefit (0)
  We learn and are played child care
     Child care, education
Child care support (36) Nursery school, kindergarten (seven) School (27)
Lunch (five) Clubs for after school activities for children (three) Young people healthy upbringing (12)
     Sports, culture
Sports (27) Culture (20) Lifelong learning (17)
The history, cultural assets (12)    
  Town development
     Collaboration, social movement
Town development (six) of collaboration Social movement (14) Local community (three)
Residents' association (seven) Safe community (six)  
     City maintenance
City planning (three) Land readjustment, redevelopment (one) Tree planting (seven)
Water supply (37) The sewer (33) River (seven)
     Road, traffic
Road, gutter (15) Traffic (eight) Roadside tree (two)
Parking lot, bicycle parking lot (five) Illegally parked bicycle (ten) Community cycle (14)
     Building, house
Building (nine) House (six) Municipal house (13)
Land, building (eight)    
  Industry, business
     Labor, agriculture, commerce and industry
Labor (eight) Commerce and industry (22) Company invitation (seven)
Bicycle race (11) Agriculture (31)  
Supplier registration (seven) Bid (six) Contract (five)
  Sightseeing, event
     Sightseeing, international
Sightseeing (19) International exchange (nine)  
Festival, event (18) Seasonal flower, tree (three)  
  Municipal administration information
     Municipal administration information
Plan, design (30) Finance, budget, financial statements (two) Administrative data (16)
Information disclosure (three) Personal information protection (two)  
     Public information, public hearing
Public information kurume (six) Homepage (three) Facebook (three)
Civic voice, common question (two) Public awareness investigation (four) Municipal administration questionnaire monitor (five)
Home delivery of cooked foods lecture (eight)    
     Human rights
Human rights (19) Gender equality (seven)  
     Municipal assembly, inspection, election
Municipal assembly (14) Inspection (ten) Election (five)
Staff adoption (15) Contribution (four) In addition, (21)
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 Opinion, suggestion from this
    We accept opinion to municipal administration and suggestion, request.
    Including question about procedure at window and event, event please approach casually.
  • Information that individual can distinguish deletes all.
  • We do not publish anonymous opinions.
  • Things to occur do not publish trouble in thing of business purpose, thing containing contents against public order and morals, office work business.